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A Veterans Day Salute from Quaker Windows & Doors

Quaker Windows & Doors is proud to count nearly 100 veterans and current military members among our employee family. We salute each of them, and all veterans nationwide. Thank you for your service, your sacrifice and your bravery. In honor of Veteran’s Day , we wanted to share a recent project that Quaker Commercial Windows […]

Safety is Top Priority – National Window Safety Week

Windows play an essential role in the design of any commercial building, as they provide natural light, ventilation, and a connection to the outside world. In honor of Window Safety Week, Quaker Commercial Windows & Doors would like to share with you the benefits of various window safety items, that can help prevent accidents and […]

Mock-Up Testing: Essential Support for Success

The mock-up and testing process for commercial windows is an important step in the design and construction process of a building. A window mock-up is a full-sized, representative sample of a window that is constructed to evaluate its performance, durability, and aesthetics. The mock-up is typically installed on-site or in a testing facility to simulate […]