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Quaker Windows & Doors support ongoing education opportunities and have been recognized by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) as a Continuing Education Units (CEU) provider for more than a decade. As a registered AIA/CES provider, Quaker offers a suite of fully remote Health Safety Welfare (HSW) CEU options that provide relevant skills and expanded knowledge to architects.

Available Courses

FGIA (AAMA) Window Ratings

Understanding window ratings and using them correctly is a must when designing structures. This course focuses on creating understanding of what AAMA rating designations stand for, how they are achieved, how to apply them directly to structural design to ensure the right product is being used in the right capacity, and understanding the liabilities involved when choosing products that are not rated for the project.

Thermal Barrier Systems

Thermal barriers are a huge component when it comes to energy-efficiency in fenestration products. They are also integral in maintaining the structural performance of fenestration products. This all-encompassing course focuses on understanding thermal barriers in windows and doors and explains when they are used, why they are so important, where they are implemented, and what are the benefits between the different types.

Historic Window Replication

Take an in-depth look at the role windows and doors play in historical replication projects. This course focuses on understanding the entities involved in historical replication, how windows are integral in historical replication and reuse projects, managing energy-efficiency with historically-correct windows, understanding safety concerns in window design, and how to avoid health hazards during the installation process of historical products.

Evolution of Fenestration Finishes

A study of window and door paint finishes; their advancement and evolution over time, their growing impact on the environment, and the variations and levels available in today’s fenestration industry.

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Upon completion of any of these of these AIA (HSW) accredited courses, AIA members will earn 1.0 HSA learning credit towards yearly requirement needs.