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Solid Performance
To new heights

The SolidCore Technology™ thermal barrier by Quaker® is our patented system that boosts the performance of our windows and doors. This pioneering solution provides a superior level of thermal efficiency and structural reinforcement, facilitating more design possibilities for our Quaker commercial lines of windows and doors. SolidCore Technology expands the thermal break’s dimensions, assuring performance and stability without sacrificing aesthetic appeal.

SolidCore Technology incorporates an Azo-Core 20# fill in the cavity of a window sash or door panel, resulting in outstanding heating and cooling efficiency and structural support. Quaker’s unique “cleating” technique establishes a robust mechanical lock system to the aluminum, allowing wider cavities even for large sashes and panels.

Numerous Quaker door and window systems leverage SolidCore Technology alongside our other thermal barriers (OptiCore and AZON systems) to optimize design versatility and performance.

SolidCore Unleashed

Commercial SolidCore Products:

Build a Solid Future
with SolidCore

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