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Peace and Quiet

Sound reduction is a crucial factor to consider as it can be the difference between years of comfortable building use or occupants having daily unpleasant experiences. Quaker’s advanced frame systems and sophisticated glass packages play a vital role in maintaining indoor tranquillity by minimizing intrusive noise.

Sound Reduction

Almost all Quaker glass packages used in our commercial products are at least 3.1mm in thickness, which is thicker than configurations commonly used from other manufacturers.

By increasing the amount of glass used in our window and doors, Quaker products offer improved sound dampening with some packages reducing outside noise by as much as 40%.

Sound Transmission Testing Protocols

The amount of noise Quaker commercial windows prevent from entering reaching your building is measured and published to help you decide which products are best suited to your project needs.

Sound Transmission Class (STC):

Originally developed to measure sound transmission between interior walls, STC tests evaluate a difference in decibel levels. The higher the rating, the better the window or door is at reducing unwanted sound.

Outdoor/Indoor Transmission Class (OITC):

A newer testing method that is deemed more useful by experts since it measures noises through exterior walls, OITC tests cover a wider sound frequency range (80 Hz to 4000 Hz) to provide a more detailed account of sound transfer from the outdoors through the product.

Choose OptiCore® Technology
for Outstanding Results

For extensive sound control, consider Quaker windows with OptiCore technology. Thanks to their architecturally enhanced aluminium, windows with OptiCore frames further reduce outside noise pollution to help make almost every commercial project interior be as quiet as possible.

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For more information on how Quaker commercial windows and doors can make the quiet life possible, contact us today to speak with one of our experts.