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Robust Options for Every Project

Quaker’s range of commercial windows and doors offers a wide variety of options for nearly all building heights and types. Rated according to FGIA /WDMA/CSA 101/I.S.2/A440-08 guidelines, Quaker products allow for all clients to easily identify which models are suitable for their project needs.


Evaluating structural performance and deciding what Quaker products are suitable for your project is one of the most important aspects of the purchasing process. The main areas of focus for structural performance are understanding what the Design Pressure (DP) and Performance Grade (PG) evaluations mean in relation to your project.


Performance Grade

A rating given to products that meet all performance testing requirements identified by NAFS


Design Pressure

Identifies the wind or static snow load that a product is rated to withstand before failing

Performance Grade

Since 2008, the PG system has been the preferred method to determine accurate performance metrics and is used by Quaker throughout our product lines.

There are four performance classes (R, LC, CW, AW) assigned to Quaker windows and doors depending on the test results.

  • R: Suitable for one- to three-story dwellings that have standard sizes and load requirements.
  • LC: Common for low-rise and mid-rise multi-family dwellings and other buildings with larger sizes and higher loading requirements.
  • CW: For low-rise and mid-rise buildings where larger sizes, higher loading requirements, deflection limits, and heavy use are expected.
  • AW: The highest performance class, products with AW ratings are used in mid-rise and high-rise buildings where increased loading requirements and limits on deflection are needed, along with projects with frequent use of fenestration products.

Tests Used to Determine Performance Class

Air infiltration

ASTM E 283

Uniform structural

ASTM E 330

Water penetration

ASTM E 331 for AW products and ASTM E 547 for R, LC and CW products

Operating force

ASTM E 2068

Performance Classes for Quaker Products

Q-Series and R45F: No ratings on product list

Design Pressure Testing Protocols

Quaker’s products are meticulously tested to ensure accurate structural performance figures are always achieved.

The final DP score is calculated according to the product withstanding 1.5 times the design pressure for 10 seconds before irreversible damage occurs.

As part of the PG class evaluation, DP is outlined in the rating title to indicate the structural performance of the unit.

To achieve this rating, the example product would have to withstand 75 psf to be rated DP50. The higher the DP rating, the stronger the window or door.



If you desire the very best in structural performance, Quaker windows with OptiCore technology are the answer. Featuring a sealant-injected double corner key construction design, aluminum windows with OptiCore technology contain maximum strength in the corner joinery and frame to handle almost any project requirements.

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