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Enticing Entrances

Quaker’s aluminum door repertoire offers multipurpose capabilities with sliding doors, hinged terrace doors and commercial entry doors. Ultra-modern designs blend with high-performance to meet the toughest challenges from extreme weather to continual in-and-out use.



for All Needs


Durable and well-built, offering advanced thermal performance benefits.


Classic wood interior styling with strong aluminum exterior.


A solid all-round, maintenance-free alternative.

Hardware Choices

Quaker’s wide range of hardware allows for complete customization to meet your exact needs and specifications. These include#:

#-Some products listed not available on all doors. Check for availability.

ADA-Friendly Components

Achieving ADA compliance for your Quaker commercial door is possible with our inclusive hardware and components

The ultra-lightweight “Paris” hardware line requires only five pounds or less of operating force to make opening doors as easy as possible.

Standard Locking Systems

Passage in and out can be designed within the locking system.

From a single flip latch to a keyed entry, your design will dictate the locking feature you want in your project. 

Multi Point Locking Systems

For even greater security protection, consider Quaker multi-point locking systems.

Offering multi-point configurations will distribute the force of impact across a larger area, minimizing damage and deterring intruders.

Decorative Accessories

To complete your desired look, choose from our wide range that includes a variety of screens, simulated divided lites, muntins, panning, receptor, trim and glazing.

Energy Efficiency

Glass Packages

Quaker’s collection of high-performance glass packages ensures excellent thermal performance regardless of climate location.







Glass Thickness Options

3/4” 2P

1” 2P

1 3/8" 3P

These visualizations are examples. Quaker can provide any standard glass and spacer thickness, including laminated and tempered options, to meet your architectural design needs.

For increased thermal, sound, and energy efficiency, Quaker commercial doors can be fitted with thicker insulated glass to achieve the highest levels of performance.

Not all insulated glass thicknesses shown are available with all doors. Check for availability.

Door Series Models

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Perfect Door

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