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19th Engineering Battalion Complex

Ft. Knox,


Since being constituted in 1933, the 19th Engineering Battalion has had a long and distinguished lineage. They’ve served overseas during WW II, The Vietnam Conflict, Operation Desert Shield, Operation Desert Storm, Operation Iraqi Freedom, and most recently, Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan.

In 2006, the 19th Battalion was moved from its original base in New York to a new home at Fort Knox, Kentucky. It was at that time the Army Corps of Engineers began developing a 197,000 square foot, $40 million purpose-build facility that would better suit the day-to-day operations of The 19th. The plan called for five buildings in the complex: a battalion headquarters building, barracks, company administrative building and two company readiness modules.

As far as windows were concerned, the project specs called for two basic directives.

  1. They had to meet the Department of Defense’s strict Anti-Terrorism standards.
  2. They had to help secure LEED points so the entire project could achieve Silver LEED Certification.


Mission accomplished. Quaker’s B500 Single Hung turned out to be the perfect choice. It blew Blast Testing criteria out of the water. Meanwhile, the project was certified Silver by LEED. The D.O.D.’s orders requiring a percentage of recycled materials be used in each window’s make-up was easily met. In addition, Quaker’s manufacturing plant helped in the LEED achievement process since it utilizes “green” production components and methods. The project was completed in the fall of 2014 with nearly 260 B500 windows supplied. Quaker is very proud to have been a part of this endeavor, which now serves as many as 800 personnel from the 19th Battalion on a daily basis.

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