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Bird-Safe Glass: Ordinances, Mandates, & Protecting the Feathered

November 22, 2022

Studies documenting bird mortality from collisions with glass on buildings estimate hundreds of millions of birds die each year in North America from this cause alone.

Bird-friendly design is a growing entity within the construction industry, and Quaker Windows & Doors is proud to be a part of these progressive efforts.  We offer special Bird Glass, featuring AviProtek Pattern 217, which significantly helps birds, both large and small, avoid fatal building collisions.

How does it work?  Quaker’s Bird Glass is etched with a visible pattern of 5mm dots spaced 2 inches apart in offset rows to create a diamond pattern. Pattern-etched glass is considered by most experts as the highest-rated bird avoidance technology, and can reduce bird strikes on windows up to 90% when built in a 2×2 or 2×4 pattern. The etched glass essentially helps birds understand that something is there, and initiates their desire to re-route a different direction. This differs from standard, unetched glass which birds discern as whatever is reflecting on the surface. To a bird, it the reflection appears to be a sky and trees, it must be a sky and trees, and they end up flying into it.

There are already many areas of the United States where Bird-Friendly Glass is a mandatory part of local building codes and ordinances. Those include New York City, several cities in California, Washington DC, Portland, OR, Madison, WI, the state of Minnesota and more. Others are following suit. Check your local codes to see if your project’s facade will need to implement a bird-friendly design soon as well.

Additionally, on a nationwide scale, the US Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) has added Bird Collision Deterrence as part of its credit system. Go to to learn more.

Quaker’s Bird Glass is optimal to meet regulations and take a more environmental approach to building. Along with its conservation qualities, Bird-Safe Glass can be used with energy-efficient glass to offer terrific energy performance, allowing you to enjoy the view in comfort, while also protecting our feathered friends.